Customer Tesimonials

  • Cowes High School

    "Since we launched the GCSE Studentpacks offer to our students in the summer, we have had a fantastic response. The students have been delighted with the packs and have found them very useful for their work at home. The packs are certainly excellent value for money. We intend to continue with this offer in future years and hopefully increase the amount of students who purchase the packs."

  • John of Gaunt School

    "We have been delighted by the Studentpacks that we have purchased for our GCSE and A Level students. It provides the students with a 'great package deal' and all the equipment they need for their course. We even did a painting competition for the best designed and painted Studentpack box."

  • Stonehenge School

    "Thank you very much for putting together the Studentpacks for us. They sold really well at our new Year 7 intake evening and the parents who bought them were really impressed; they all mentioned it will save them a lot of feet ache finding the stuff!!!!"

  • Ash Manor School

    "I have recently ordered the GCSE Studentpacks from The Consortium. I was very pleased with the service, they responded quickly to both my emails and phone calls, no matter how silly the question and provided me with all the information that was required to put me at ease.

    The order for the GSCE packs was put in near the end of term, Studentpacks assured me that they would be at school in time for the pupils to take them home for the holidays, which they were. They have also been extremely helpful in my plans for lower school art packs next year. Thank you for all your time and effort; the pupils were very pleased to have their packs in time for the holidays and all the work I set them!!!!"