Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the Studentpacks programme?

    A. Studentpacks offers bespoke and standard pre-packaged, ready-to-use product packs which can be personalised with the pupils name, class/tutor and school. These packs are designed with the individual student in mind, as well as the exact needs of their particular teacher. Studentpacks are a cost effective and convenient way of purchasing the exact supplies a student needs.

  • Q. How much does the standard Studentpacks cost?

    A. We currently offer 2 'standard' packs, a GCSE Art Pack (£27.95) and an A Level/Diploma Art pack (£27.95).

  • Q. Is there a minimum number of packs I need to order?

    A. There is no minimum order for the standard Studentpacks. However, the minimum number of 'custom packs' needed to process the order is 15.

  • Q. Can we request certain name brands?

    A. Yes! Teachers can select any products from the extensive range provided by The Consortium including well known branded products such as Berol, Staedtler, Daler Rowney, Derwent and Pritt along with The Consortium's superb range of own branded products.

  • Q. How can a school organisation make money?

    A. Our programme can be offered as a student service or as a fundraiser. The choice is yours. As a fundraiser, you determine the amount you would like to charge for each kit. We will only bill you for the actual packs, so the difference or profit is yours. We'd recommend no more than a 10% increase over the original price of the pack. This is a win/win program for the students, parents and teachers alike and all done without having the students or parents sell a single thing!!

  • Q. How do parents pay for the Studentpacks they order?

    A. Payment is returned to the school with individual order forms. Payment can be made in the form of cheques and cash. The school then combines cheque and cash amounts and places an order with Studentpacks. The school is then invoiced against its credit account with The Consortium on desptach of the goods.

  • Q. Does the Studentpack price quoted include VAT?

    A. No, all quotations and prices featured exclude VAT.

  • Q. Why studentpacks for our school?

    A. There are many reasons. Please see the scheme benefts page